Hi, I’m Paula.

Artist, writer, philanthropist and creative soul dedicated to lighting up your life. This is the place where you can read my words,  and buy some art .


Fine Art
I love pop culture and celebrate it with vibrant portraits unlike anything you’ve seen before. I’m now expanding into contemporary art taking my bold style along for the ride.


Inspirational Writing
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Really needed to read this today. May have even cried. Thank you 💜 – Sarah

You are amazing, and I love seeing the whole you, from playful imagination, to deep cosmos observation, to charming, excited, inspired fan. – Jo


Mental Health Support
I am the official painter for www.IMAlive.org A support network for people in crisis. My work can be seen at Supernatural conventions throughout North America.

(Please note that for personal reasons, I’m taking a short break from this position.)


I love creating art made specifically for you. The art becomes a collaboration between us as I take your ideas, inspiration or photos and create something special and one of a kind.

This painting is the most wonderful thing! It took my breath away! I can’t stop looking at it! So perfect! So bright! And yet soft…even though its on wood. Which somehow makes it better? Warmer? I don’t know how, but you made something so glorious!
– Melody


If you want a high impact, emotionally accurate image: commission Paula Mould. For the pieces she created for me, her colors were charged (including fluorescent), and her style was loose. But the sense of those people at that moment: it’s there. She caught it fully. I was surprised and delighted.
– Salley