I turn fandoms into fine art. Intense portraits. Emotional moments. Heroes, villains and everyone in between. This isn't the same old fan art you see everywhere else.

I also paint for www.IMAlive.org A crisis support network that has outreach programs at Supernatural Conventions throughout North America. My art is used to help raise awareness about mental health, and to raise funds to support IMAlive's work.

Paula Mould
Artist and Writer

Hello... I'm Paula Mould

I'm an impressionist portrait artist specializing in pop culture subjects.

I paint the moments that move us. The stories that bring us to our feet in triumph or knock us back on our heels in grief.​

I grab moments in time and immortalize them, retelling the stories through my eyes and brushes. Intense colours. Loose brush strokes. A massive hit of feelings.

Two years ago I turned my life upside to live a creative life. It changed everything for me, for the better. This site is the home for my art and my journey.