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The Creative Visionary.

Paula Mould.

Who I am

Artist, writer, teacher and leader. My mission is to inspire and ignite the lives of creatives who dare to dream differently.

The Creative Visionary

A business co-founded with artist Leigh Shenton to help creative professionals build thriving businesses.

Books & Writing

Find me on Amazon and Medium for non fiction writing designed to make you think, propel you into motion, and help you live the best life you can.


From pop culture portraits to landscapes, my art is bright, emotional and says a lot about western culture in this moment at this time.

Experience Your Own Wake The F*ck Up! Moment

Wake The F*ck Up! isn’t just a book, it’s a life choice.


A choice to live differently. To grab the days you have left and make them count for something HUGE.


And it’s done in bite sized, 3 minute reads + exercises.


Changing your life never felt so good.

Paint it forward

Intense portraits.
Powerful moments.
this is my art.


The Creative Visionary is a business I co-founded with UK based artist and author, Leigh Shenton. Our mandate is to educate and support creative professionals, helping them build financially successful businesses fast.

There's more on Medium!

Medium is an online magazine where I write at least one article every weekday. Covering topics from trauma to social media, there’s lots to read for any one.

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