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If you’re questioning your place in the world, looking for inspiration, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re looking for colourful art that makes you FEEL things, you’re in the right place.

I’m Paula Mould artist, writer and creator of Finding Inclusivity. My search for belonging has inspired so many people to become who they were meant to be. Artists, writers and other creatives are now truly living their best lives. You can too.

Fine Art

I love pop culture and celebrate it with vibrant portraits unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Inspirational Writing

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Mental Health Support

I am the official painter for A support network for people in crisis. My work can be seen at Supernatural conventions throughout North America.

Latest Posts

Can you find yourself in our stories?

When I was at the Railway City Arts Crawl, I met a lot of fantastic people. It was a really fun and enlightening weekend. I accidentally swore in Illumine Gallery’s Facebook live video. (oops) I pai…
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One Big Thing I’m Doing To Help You

I’m writing a book right now. It’s not something I ever expected to do. Not a whole freaking book. Oh, I’ve always loved writing. I spent many of my younger years writing my brains out. Short st…
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One Easy Cure For Browser Brain

You know that joke about your mind being a browser with 12 tabs open? Three of them are porn, two have videos going and where the hell is that music coming from? That’s me all the time. Ok, maybe no…
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