April 6, 2017

A Moment In Timey Whimey

I carry around a little TARDIS in my pocket. No matter what I’m wearing, it’s on me somewhere.

One of the reasons I love Doctor Who, any Doctor, is because of the huge amount of freedom he has to move around. Don’t like the first four billion years of the universe? Just hop in and go to 5.5/apple/26 aka 5 billion years in the future.

It kind of gives me a sense of perspective.

It sometimes gives me an existential crisis.

We’re funny creatures, stuck in our perception of time. Experiencing our lives in moments and instances. Remembering some things and not others.

The Doctor had mementos from each of his companions. He keeps things from various adventures in the TARDIS. Ways of reminding himself, in his very long life, where he’d been. What he experienced.

With all the stories and shows and episodes and movies around, it’s every easy to forget a brief moment that squeezed hard and let go.

I suppose this is another reason why I paint. Taking a moment, a powerful one or a subtle one, and making it permanent. Keeping it alive.

And do you know where moments live best? On your walls.

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