February 23, 2016

A Peek Behind the Scenes

I have had an incredibly painful painting dry spell recently. You may have noticed the lack of new work at some point. But now that’s over and I have more paintings to post, prints to make and things to do! Yay!

When art is basically everything I live and breathe, not being able to paint is like being told to play pick-up sticks while handcuffed to a wall. You want to play, you love to play and you need to play, but it’s fricking impossible.

Tomorrow we are supposed to get the storm to end all storms. Winter keeps trying to assert itself here, but spring is having none of its shit. And so we alternate crazily between mild days and blustery ones. I decided to take advantage of the sun and warmth to get photos done, so I can order more prints for Toronto ComicCon.


I’m sure Sarah will be thrilled that her painting is going out via Fed Ex today!


The chicken makes it art!


Not my painting, but it’s good practice to document art, so I photographed my spawn’s work as well. This makes me parent of the year. Really. (HINT HINT)


And Tony’s painting is heading to its new home tomorrow. 

I love releasing work out into the wild. It brings me such joy.

Want to see more? This is a rare behind-the-scenes video. Please enjoy my allergies and organic photography setup. Now with 100% more chickens.


So what’s next? I’ve got Toronto ComicCon to prep for. And for local Londoners, I will be at the London Craft Show on Good Friday. Stop by my table and say hi!