I am an impressionist portrait artist who specializes in pop culture subjects.

What does this mean? It means I document the stories we tell each other. The characters that move us as a culture. I reshape them through my own lens, using unexpected and vibrant colours and in a style that can only be called impressionism.

I don’t worship celebrities. I celebrate pop culture stories with paint.

This site is the central home to my art. The best place to buy my work online. A chance to see behind the scenes. As a very active artist, things change nearly every day. Want to see me paint live? Check out my pages on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. And hey! I’m also on YouTube. Go me!

I do take commissions on a case by case basis. When you commission work, you get to see it come together live. You can share the process with your friends and at the end of the experience, you get a custom piece. How awesome is that? Email me for a no obligation consult.

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