I am a recovering web application programmer, currently suffering from a midlife crisis that did not net me a muscle car but instead ended up in an art career.

With a formal art education, a no holds barred attitude and business acumen, I took my tiny dream and in 3 years went from unknown to well known, painting for people and celebrities alike. I have shown my work in Canada, the US, the UK and Spain and I have work in private collections around the world.

After a brief pause in my career to end my marriage, I am back with new topics to paint, larger ideas and a give ’em hell attitude. In addition, I am also a children’s book illustrator with two books about to be released and another in the works.

I can be found teaching at For The Love of Art in London starting in October 2018. My goal is to inspire teens to find their creative passion and get hooked on art.

This site is the central home to my art. The best place to buy my work online. A chance to see behind the scenes. As a very active artist, things change nearly every day. Want to see me paint live? Check out my pages on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. And hey! I’m also on YouTube. Go me!

Commissions are OPEN! When you commission work, you get to see it come together live. You can share the process with your friends and at the end of the experience, you get a custom piece. How awesome is that? Email me for a no obligation consult.