As we approach the halfway point in summer, have you even taken a day yet?

I spent 18 years working my butt off for clients. Making sure I was available 7 days a week. Juggling kids and schedules and deadlines in a way I’d never do now.

There were several summers, I don’t think I even saw. One was because of Russian hacking on a client’s site and I was patching holes as fast as they were finding them. So. Much. Fun.

I comforted myself with the idea that my kids would be little for years and this work, well, it wouldn’t be so hectic next summer.

Boy was I wrong.

I blinked and my oldest is 18 and we have maybe 5 cottage trips under our belt for her whole life. That’s it. FIVE. And for a few of those, I was working while at the cottage.

So, I’ve been making a point to pause as much as I can right now and be there for my kids. Take them to the beach. Spend time bowling. Being present in ways I have rarely been before.

And it’s not just good for them, it’s good for me too. It’s grounding and freeing and connects me with my place in the universe.

Last night, I was sitting in the park watching my younger kids running through the splash pad fully dressed. We were woefully unprepared for unexpected wet fun, but it happened anyway. The air was warm and gentle. I had nowhere else I wanted to be. My oldest, too old to want to get wet, still sat with me being included in the moment.

I felt connected. Loved. Loving. At peace. This is summer.

I claim my place in the sun. Right here. Right now. And again. And again. How about you?