August 15, 2016

August Shows

I20160716_110139 had planned on August being my most quiet month until November. A mini break between shows.

While I was planning that, life just laughed and laughed at me.

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you’d know that I update this site regularly. Definitely weekly. I’m active on social media. I’m visible. But lately I haven’t been and there are reasons for that.

Montreal ComicCon was awesome.  Incredible. It kicked off a week of events that ended with me getting very sick.

From Montreal, I came back to prepare for the London Pride Art Show and then the Lipedema Fundraiser. And finally, that weekend was the Toronto Art Blast. Whew! And in between I also have a day job. Another business that I run as Technical Lead and Creative Director.

You can imagine that the shows aren’t just me showing up and smiling, but a ton of prep beforehand. Prints need to be made and ordered. Paintings need to be varnished and framed. Other supplies need to be sorted and inventoried. It’s a lot of work.

20160716_110126Plus I’m talking with galleries, taking online orders and generally doing a lot of legwork.

I’m so not complaining. One year ago, I never dreamed I’d be in this kind of place where my art business was dominating my time. I’m incredibly grateful for the doors that have opened, the people that have cheered, commented and bought my work. Each and every day I spend a few moments thinking back to where I’ve come from and plan on where I’m going.

This matters especially when things get so busy. It’s easy to lose perspective.

But I’m also so grateful when I see my work framed.

You have to understand that I mainly see paintings unframed. And I see the work I’ve put into them. I see them as lovable but unkempt children. When they’re framed, they are kids that are freshly washed and squeaky clean. Wearing their best clothes. They become almost unrecognizable as the ruffians I know.

It’s a heady feeling.

20160715_203405I made this. I made that. Sometimes it’s hard to believe a painting came from my hands.

Especially when I struggle to pull a few from disasters to a successful end result.

But I digress.

The London Pride Art Show was incredible. I have never been to a show opening with that many people. The atmosphere was full of positive energy and the venue was packed.  Pride really knows how to draw in a crowd and I was duly impressed.

I wasn’t able to attend the Lipedema Fundraiser that was the next day, but I know my painting sold and I was happy to contribute.

And before I get any questions, I don’t normally donate art to fundraisers. This isn’t something I do lightly or casually. I pick and choose causes to support and maybe do one or two per year.

20160715_202429Toronto Art Blast was my most unique show to date. Our location was inside a gallery/store that had work space available. There were five artists altogether. I spent the weekend painting. While foot traffic wasn’t great for the most part, I did get a chance to work and chat with colleagues so that was awesome. What was less awesome was getting sick as the event was winding down. A horrible virus that gave me a sore throat, earaches, joint aches and so on. When we packed up, I went home to die quietly for about a week.

I push myself hard. I feel like I’m making up for lost time. I spent the last 20 years not painting publicly or being a professional artist for a variety of reasons.

Living the wrong life.

Now I’ve chosen to live the life I was supposed to live all along – as an active artist – I’m determined to get to where I want to be fast.

Big moves. Bold moves.

20160715_200908And if that journey is a hard one, then so be it. If it wears me down for a while, I’ll deal. Because I know that this year is the foundation. I can build upon it. And let’s face it, painting is my life. When I’m painting, I am in the zone. I am truly me.

So August has become my busy month, even as I lay in bed sick, things were happening. People were emailing. Stuff was in the works. How awesome is that?

Opening on Thursday is SCI, a show in St Thomas. X Gallery.

I painted the entire bridge crew of the original Star Trek series for this show. and then framed them.

Open right now is a selection of paintings and prints at Reflections Art and Framing in London, Ontario. I am their featured artist this month.

Coming in September, Fan Expo and London ComicCon!

20160715_195706October is the Supernatural Convention. This one is my holy grail. The one convention I really wanted to go to. The one my former (and fired) rep told me I’d never get without her help. LOL LOL The thing is, telling me shit like that just makes me make it happen.

November is Forest City ComicCon.

December is another show at X Gallery.

And I’m currently talking with a gallery in the US right now about some work.

What a year.



Now, see how awesome my paintings look when they’re framed? I pinch myself seeing them like this. Who made these? LOL Me?


Look how beautiful the set up is at Reflections Art and Framing. Just look!

Prep for the SCI show at X Gallery took a good chunk of time. But it was a chance to finish and frame my art in a series. I love painting series, because the paintings tell a story.


Varnishing was awesome. I did four coats and made sure the varnish took on a feeling of stars. When you look at the paintings, you can see the texture I added in. Subtle but there.

20160809_122317 20160809_121100 20160809_11550420160809_114149 20160809_112103 20160809_11123420160809_10582720160809_102546


Stuff is happening.

I’m not dead.

I love framing my art.

See my work in person at Reflections Art and Framing.

Gallery show SCI opens this week at X Gallery.