October 29, 2015

Baby In A Trench Coat

I could paint Castiel from Supernatural all day long. It’s not because he’s my favourite character, but because his face and body language are so expressive and satisfying to paint.

In my rewatch of season 4, Castiel’s first season, it’s fun to see how he started out. From his hair to the way he held himself. Everything is new and fresh and awkward. He’s still more angel than human. Doesn’t get the references, wants only to obey his heavenly orders.

And yet, he changes slowly and visibly with every appearance. Every interaction with Dean.


I did this painting right on the heels of “Walking Blasphemy.” It was angel night. Both images from the same episode. A chance to see both sides of Castiel’s struggles.

Of course, the colours really needed to be intense. A surprise. And I started with my very favourite colour, bright blue. I don’t love all blues – cerulean blue, cobalt blue, phthalo blue, prussian blue are all my favs. Blues like royal blue and ultramarine blue can suck it. They lean too much towards purple. Of course, I’ll use them as needed, but I have my preferences.

I probably come off as a loon, but colour is everything to a painter. Everything.

sm_20151024_220937-1 sm_20151024_221602-1

Working with a portrait that is mostly white means the colour that is there has to work extra hard. It has to define shape and form without being obnoxious about it. A part of the painting, unity is the art word for it, rather than discord.


One of the things I’m playing with a lot in these latest pieces is  the use of shadows. They aren’t solid, but a mix of colours. Working with them, creating depth through unexpected colours, is something that is both terrifying and addictive. This shows up a lot in the Bobby painting I did. In fact, Bobby happened after this one so you can see the transition to new techniques as it happened.

sm_20151024_225447-1“Baby in a Trench Coat”


Acrylic on stretched canvas



Between now and Dec 1, I have 30 paintings in the works. I got requests for Hawkeye, SG1, Chewbacca, Ten, Nine, Gabriel from SPN and Harry Potter. Plus I’m thinking some X-Files, more SPN and more Avengers. 

Know why I’m all about 30 more paintings? I’m going to be in Toronto on December 5th! You can find out more here 

If you want a commission especially for Christmas gifting, I am still taking commissions. I paint a lot and live for painting. Please do feel free to message me and let’s talk. If you want prints, take into account the time it takes for mail to arrive. I strongly suggest any print purchases that require mailing happen by Dec 1.

And for anyone in la belle province, I am going to be in Montreal on July 8-10 2016! More info here:

I’ve got a number of appearances in the works covering territory from London to Montreal with stops in Toronto, Hamilton and Cornwall. Details to follow as I firm things up with the various conventions.

You can message me to order prints or paintings, or just pop over to my store. More prints are coming this week. I love it when my art finds a forever home!