Be an ask-hole

Ever hear that saying, about people who ask for advice and then don’t follow the advice they’re given? They’re ask-holes.

They waste your time and efforts and just do whatever they want anyway.

Guess what?

Being an ask-hole is THE BEST. Seriously.

Everyone has opinions. Everyone has advice. Some of it is good stuff for sure! But sometimes, the advice doesn’t quite fit the asker or the situation.

Remember that we only have our own points of view to work from.

Being an ask-hole means that you’re trusting your gut. You’re paying attention to what you need instead of catering to someone’s ego.

Sure they spent a few moments with your problem but if their solution won’t work? Discard it.

And instead of resenting the person who doesn’t follow your own advice, applaud them. It takes insight and strength of character to choose a different path, especially if you believe strongly in your convictions.

Don’t forget to release yourself from their outcomes. That’s a huge one.

Give advice and step back. You’ve done your bit, your friend will do theirs, whatever it ends up being.

Here’s to ask-holes everywhere!