September 30, 2016

Big News and Lots of Changes

There’s a video that came through my Facebook newsfeed recently. It shows a woman overcoming her fears and jumping onto a box. Here’s the link Even if you don’t have Facebook, you should still be able to see this video.

This exercise goes beyond the physical. It’s a way to directly combat the mind over matter that we all face. I personally do this one at the gym and let me say it’s been a real mind fuck. Sure, looking at this woman standing in front of a box makes the thing look easy but it’s not. And it’s not the jumping that’s the issue but believing you can jump and make it.

My first year, now complete, in this business has been an entire year of making myself jump and believing in the landing. I’ve done things I never thought were possible from travelling to ComicCons, to having my art in a number of galleries, to getting permission to sell my Supernatural art at the only official Supernatural conventions. Big moves.

And now here’s the biggest one of all: I’m opening a studio/gallery. A place for me to paint, teach and show.

I live in a small village close to London, Ontario. It’s an excellent place to raise a family and slow down and really get to know one’s neighbors. And I’ve got the best neighbors and friends here. It was important to me to stay in my community and provide a service to that community, while still painting for myself and my clients. I am thrilled to have finally found the perfect spot and I get that spot November 1st. The address is on the site below. Get ready for social painting, corporate team building, fine art classes and more all with a geeky twist! This is going to be a fun adventure and definitely not your grandma’s art gallery!

That’s one big change. Another one is I cancelled all my final end-of-year ComicCon appearances except for the Supernatural Convention. Why? Because of my space acquisition. I love the ComicCons. Meeting people. Making friends. Nerding out over our favourite fandoms. It has been an incredible run. As much as I want to do it all, I had to make some tough choices. Ones that affect the long-term picture.

I’ve also changed things online. I’m more prolific than ever, but writing my blog posts has become a chore. How much can I say about painting that I don’t say when I’m live painting online? I was boring even myself. Ha. So…I’ve switched over to a new format, which you will see hitting the site over the course of October. Something faster, which gives a good hit of the art in progress and requires very little time from my readers and viewers. Something like this video.

If you’ve signed up for my email newsletter and heard only crickets it’s because I haven’t written anything in a while. That will be changing after Canadian Thanksgiving. Why the wait? Because I’m prepping for the most important show I’ve done to date: The Toronto Supernatural Convention #SPNtor. I signed up for it in March and have been painting like mad for it ever since. I can’t sell any prints there so it’s all original art for sale. You can see what I’m bringing here

And finally a big thank you to everyone who’s been a part of my journey. My friends who pushed me out the door. My family who put up with my constant absences. My clients and customers who stopped to talk, nerd out and buy my art. And most of all, my booth babe Andrea, who was by my side the whole year making sure I succeeded on every jump that needed to be made. You are all the very best people and I’m grateful for you all.

Don’t forget you can see my art in person at the Toronto Supernatural Convention October 7-9th.  You can also see a select number of my paintings at The Art Gallery of Lambeth right now! Coming in December, I will have art at X Gallery in St. Thomas and, of course, my own gallery in Dorchester will be open.