February 17, 2016

Bilbo Baggins

I’ve been seeing a lot of black and white work recently online.

Now I’ve done blue and white a lot because, let’s face it, blue is a fucking awesome colour. It sings to me in ways that I can’t explain. Blue ranges from light to dark and from cold to warm. From empty-headed to sublime.

It’s as sexy as a colour can get.

So I haven’t really touched black and white. Probably not since I left school several lifetimes ago.

I follow quite a few artists online. They work in a variety of media and not all do portraits. Each one has a ton to teach, whether they realize it or not. From approaches to technical issues to passion to making me want MORE, I learn a lot. So seeing the sudden influx of black and white from a variety of artists inspired me to try it too.

With my own twist.


Starting with a vague-ish sketch as usual. White on black.


I wanted to define the highlights here quickly.


Now it’s fucking impossible for me to get a good shot of a black and white painting in progress. My studio space has overhead lighting, typical workshop fluorescents, and they reflect like a bugger on the work. It’s a bit annoying really, since the photos don’t capture the painting well at all so just imagine it here.


And then I swung around for the mid-tones because it really needed that. The 50 percent greys.

Finally, playing with the black. Because my paint black is so much blacker than the black canvas, I layered a lot. And I made his hair textured which you can see in the final image a bit. Proper photos will be coming shortly.

sm_20160209_215356-1 “Bilbo Baggins”


Acrylic on canvas

Original painting and prints are available.





So what’s next? I’ve got Toronto ComicCon to prep for. And for local Londoners, I will be at the London Craft Show on Good Friday. Stop by my table and say hi!