April 12, 2017

bittersweet goodbye

Tomorrow is my last workout at the gym.

It’s been four years, give or take, since I walked through the doors feeling incredibly uncomfortable.

I’d always been active and I used to run 10k every weekday morning. Then I broke my ankle and it destroyed my rhythm. A bad break, made running very painful for about a year.

Then….Life got busy. Workouts went away.

So why the hell was I in the gym? With the meatheads and people who were clearly better than me?

Because I knew that the only way I could get my family more active was to be the example. That telling anyone to do something and not live it is completely ineffective.

When I tell you to paint, write, bake.. whatever… to do the thing! It’s not me sitting here being bossy. I’m living it.

This is how I do things with my family too.

But tomorrow, after so many workouts, so many achievements, so many wins, it ends.

This spring has been all about change for me. In almost all the areas of my life. And while I leap towards change like a dancer on crack, it doesn’t mean I don’t feel a touch of sorrow at the parting.

And at the same moment of this bittersweet goodbye, I’m also excited about what’s next. Soccer training (I might even join a team!). I’m going to look at taking up kickboxing. I love boxing so much, it’s not a far leap to try this sport too. And maybe even running again.

I have no regrets joining the gym.

Those meatheads turned out to be highly educated trainers. The people I thought were better than me turned out to be dealing with the same demons I deal with. And all the groups I interacted with turned into friends and even family.

It was the best of times.

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