October 27, 2015


Who doesn’t love Bobby Singer? Surrogate father, without the girly hand holding. Looks like a bum, can read Japanese. The quintessential epitome of “don’t judge a book by its cover.”

And (SPOILERS!) they killed him. Because he was becoming too essential. The crutch. I get it. From a writing standpoint, removing everything and everyone that Sam and Dean had, their support network, put the characters in a new situation. New drama. But it hurt so damn much.

For many people, the hurt is a few years back but I just started watching Supernatural in the middle of July, and fully catching up by September. If you do the math, that’s 10 seasons in 7 weeks. A lot of fucking TV watching but the show is like crack. And so Bobby’s demise hit me in August.

In my mind he will always be somewhere, alive and answering one of his many phones, organizing hunters and calling his boys “idjits.”

I had a lot of fun looking for a reference for this painting. And then even more fun in Photoshop before I ever got to the studio. I never leave a reference photo as is from colour to composition, I always work things out ahead of time in Photoshop and then head out to paint. It solidifies the work in my mind, which allows me to paint in the zone.


This painting started out slightly different from the others. From the canvas, 16″x20″ to the colour I started working with, Bobby had a mind of his own.

One of the things that drives me in my work is colour. Yeah, duh, because I paint with colour but the reality is, intense colour really changes everything. The blue in the source material was stunning once I had finished with it in Photoshop.

sm_20151025_185904-1 sm_20151025_190202-1

You’ll notice how quickly the painting loses balance as I added the colours in. This is where intense focus has to come into play because it’s easy to get caught up in the now and worry about the painting. It’s more important to focus on the end result and work towards it.

sm_20151025_190944-1 sm_20151025_193713-1

If you look between the above two paintings, you can see where the balance starts coming back into play. When I added in the blacks and dark browns, the skin tones fell back and became less dominant.

I also worked the shadows more, adding in purple and yellow ochre and just dry brushing on where needed. Colours I would never normally use in any portrait.


But the background was a real bitch to sort out. Leaving it white, like the source, wasn’t going to work. Having a mix of white and colour didn’t work. I became very concerned that I was going to lose the painting because I couldn’t figure out the background.

It ended up being this grey pink colour, all of the above mixed together and it wasn’t working at all. So I decided to go with a solid black. Flat colours would work no problem and when I started to paint the black, the texture on the canvas came through. I got a sense of hell and rust and cars and demons and all the things that Bobby had been through and I realised that I had found the answer.




Acrylic on stretched canvas

Prints and original coming soon.






Between now and Dec 1, I have 30 paintings in the works. I got requests for Hawkeye, SG1, Chewbacca, Ten, Nine, Gabriel from SPN and Harry Potter. Plus I’m thinking some X-Files, more SPN and more Avengers. 

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I’ve got a number of appearances in the works covering territory from London to Montrea,l with stops in Toronto, Hamilton and Cornwall. Details to follow as I firm things up with the various conventions.

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