Building bridges

I’ve been thinking a lot about the connections between people. Perspective. Being right. Confirmation bias.

I’ll admit, I’ve been reading a lot of comments on various articles and so many make me weep for humanity. Not because they are crazy wrong, or just plain stupid, but because people are building walls in order to be right.

I see this on science articles, dog training articles and even recipes. People dig in, define everyone and batten down the hatches.

Flat earth? Gluten? Space aliens? Spiders? Pick any topic and there will be people who declare the opposing views as evil or whatever the word of the day is.

Now is so not the time for this.

How on earth can we debate interesting topics? There is no debate.

How do we expand our world views? There is no expansion.

How do we change our minds when evidence directs us to do so? We can’t.

How do we change anyone else’s minds, world views or debate?

We all lose when we build walls. And not only do we, as individuals lose, we lose each other too. It’s ok to be around people who see things differently, more than ok it’s necessary.

Maybe our own personal world will grow from it. Maybe theirs will.