The Cabal Creative Art Show

This page is designed to submit proposed art work to the upcoming Cabal show in Spain. Thank you for taking the time to review the pieces I am submitting.

While I do specialize in portrait art, I have a deep love of nature and of northern Canada. These mixed media paintings reflect that love.

Northern Canada is full of lakes, rocks, granite and sand. Water is everywhere, and in the summer it reflects the endless sky.

My goal with these paintings is to put the sky back into the water. Each piece started out as a tiny 2"x2" or 2"x4" painting on stretched canvas. Using acrylic paint, medium, glitter and powdered copper, I created tiny universes. Sky and water combined, reflecting each other back.

They were then attached to wooden cradle boards coated in gesso. And covered in resin, sand I collected, birch bark and stones, along with ink.

Looking at these pieces is like taking in a piece of the water and sky all at once.

I can hear the sounds of the lake when I look at these pieces. See the edge of the water creeping forward. It's cold and dark and but shallow. Always moving.

Paula Mould
Artist and Writer

Hello... and welcome

I'm Paula Mould and and I'm an artist and writer. 

You may have seen my work online. I paint with a focus on pop culture, retelling the stories through my lens.

My work includes giving back, like painting for 's Supernatural Outreach Project, and painting to help various women's shelters raise funds to help them continue their work.

My work also includes exploring our beautiful world in detail. Taking moments that might have been overlooked and magnifying them.​

Here are my proposed paintings, made especially for this exhibition.

Please note that there is camera distortion. All the pieces have straight edges and 90 degree corners.

Glitter and copper do not photograph well. These paintings have more sparkle in person than you can see here.

The Dark Above


My Love Is Scattered Among The Stars


Though It Is Dark, The Sky Has Light


Water Conquers All


Through The Window There Is Gold


Fireflies Are Everywhere


In One Hundred Days, Will It Matter?


Avoidance Is Natural


From The Ground, I Can Touch The Sky




Waves Upon The Shore


Water is Relentless, The Sky Is Forever


There Is Always Hope


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