September 1, 2015


I could say lots of things about Captain America, but I will say this: Marvel and Chris Evans has nailed it completely. But it took a few movies to get him right, in my mind. He was just too damn squeaky clean to the point of being a male Mary Sue, early on.

So, I finally painted him.

Starting on black canvas and using chalk, I laid out the composition and then got going.


Painting for me, right now, consists of lots of layers of colours, building up to get to the final product. A sense of depth comes not only from use of lines, but also from colour. Shadows are never flat. Highlights are never one colour. When I paint I start with tones and layer up and down to get that mix.




You can see above, where colours are building. Oranges, yellows, blues and even greens go on in thinner and thinner washes. Once I’m past the underpainting stage, I start mixing my paint with matte medium to thin it out without reducing the life of the paint. I end up with translucent colours, the same as if I mixed the paint with water, but because I am using an acrylic medium, the painting will last.

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20″ x 16″

Acrylic on canvas

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