What is it?

As I start to approach the end of this chaos I’m living in right now, my mind is moving back to painting. Back to me painting, specifically. There are so many possibilities especially as I revisit my journey researching contemporary art. I have the urge to take scenes and moments from my travels and play […]

I am 55% done

I watch Nas Daily on Facebook. If you’re not familiar, he does daily one minute videos about whatever country he’s in or whatever thought he wants to share. It’s all good stuff. And he sells a t-shirt that says how much life you have left based on your gender, date of birth and country. I’m 55% through […]

Time wounds all heals

Yeah, I know that it’s actually “time heals all wounds” but does it? I think we learn to live with the wounds to some degree. That some are just waiting for the right moment to rear their heads again. Now, I’m in favour of the idea that we, as humans, are meant to heal. Our […]

Where are my PANTS?

I spent a chunk of the day at the beach yesterday, doing research for characters I’m illustrating on a project I can’t talk about. But there’s water. And characters. And I really needed to see how waves fall when the water is intensely wavy which is something you don’t generally see on the lakes I’ve […]