August Shows

I had planned on August being my most quiet month until November. A mini break between shows. While I was planning that, life just laughed and laughed at me. If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you’d know that I update this site regularly. Definitely weekly. I’m active on social media. I’m visible. […]

Untitled Sherlock

Here’s a fandom I love to paint but haven’t for a while. Sherlock. And not just any Sherlock, but the BBC’s rendition of it. Because I am a sucker for a Brit with a classical Shakespearean background. This painting was a challenge for me. I painted it back-to-back with my Doctor Who piece. I had […]


This was nearly the painting that changed everything. Nearly. Painted in the spring of 2015, it’s one step away from the painting that changed my approach to portraits. It’s a crucial step and worth visiting. Unfortunately the photos aren’t great. Not sure what was going on with my phone camera, but it was picking up […]

Put Some Pants On!

When I buy booze, I look for bottles with good graphic design. Colours, shapes, fonts all make the difference for me in choosing. The fact that I’m more than willing to try new things also helps. With my background in illustration and graphic design, design matters. Why the hell am I telling you this? Because […]

The Moment

This was the last painting in the series. Ostensibly the easiest painting of the three. But… not really. I have never actually painted a building before. Or at least one that was central to the composition. I have a lot of years of drawing and perspective which make all the difference at points like this. […]


I can’t always say what moves me. A lot of my art comes out as a surprise. Would I have pegged myself as being beach and water obsessed? No. But most of my encaustic work focuses exactly on that. In this case, I knew I needed to do something Sherlock but exactly what escaped me. […]