August Shows

I had planned on August being my most quiet month until November. A mini break between shows. While I was planning that, life just laughed and laughed at me. If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you’d know that I update this site regularly. Definitely weekly. I’m active on social media. I’m visible. […]


I’m back from NFCC 2016 and getting ready to go to Montreal ComicCon. And in between I will be sending art to San Deigo ComicCon (WOOT!!!) and painting my brains out. While I will be painting a lot of Supernatural this year, I will still be paying attention to my other fandoms. I have plans […]

Indiana…Let It Go

You know, there are some people who come together and make magic, and I don’t mean the kind of magic you might be thinking of. MAGIC. Lightning in a bottle. Rufus and Bobby are a good example. Riggs and Murtaugh. Kirk and Spock. Sean Connery and Harrison Ford. By far… MILES… this is the best […]

Untitled Dan And Phil

Dan and Phil are British YouTube stars. I don’t have a ton of history on them. I’m relatively new to the fandom…or phandom as it’s most properly known. I found out about them through my teenage spawn who is phan trash. I hate that. Being called trash for following a fandom. I think it’s important […]

We Have A Hulk

Do you know how much I love commissions? I fucking love them so damn much. And creative ones? The ones that I have to stop and really think about beforehand? They are my SQUEEEEEEE! Hulk plus kid mashup. What to do? What. To. Do. BTW if you know the kid, please keep quiet since this […]