October 24, 2017


I put a pool table in my dining room. I decided it was time to make my house reflect the way I want to live rather than the way I was expected to live.

I’m not in college. There are no keggers here. It’s just time for a change.

And boy is the table a hit! So many tournaments are happening. So much laughter. Far more joy than the dining room table ever gave us.

But this isn’t the only change happening.

I’ve stepped down from painting for IMAlive. I found them a new artist to replace me. One that has enthusiasm and skill. The fresh energy that will take over the project and make it her own.

You see, I’m moving away, mostly, from pop art. Commissions aside, I’m pretty much done with that genre of art.

I will pause while you all gasp a little.

It’s time to do new things. At the moment, I’m finding it harder and harder to put brush to canvas. It’s become work. And work that I’ve been resisting at for a while now.

So what does this mean?

Oh, glad you asked!

November 1st – November 8th 2017, there will be a liquidation of prints and paintings on my site. Inventories I’ve kept on hand for comiccons will be sold off. Paintings that need forever homes, will be priced to go.

I’ll be releasing buttons and postcard sized prints as well. Things that were never available on my site.

Once they’re sold, they’re gone. The comiccon stock is limited to ten or less of each print.

This is the sale you’ve been waiting for.

*Commission pricing is not affected by this sale. And commissions are open on a limited basis.

50% OFF


50% OFF


50% OFF


50% OFF


I want to thank IMAlive for their support over the past year. It’s been a year since we connected and I am so very grateful for the opportunity to paint for them. does important and difficult work, helping people in crisis. The chatline on their site is open 24/7 and serves people all over the world.

I’m proud of the work I did to support the chat line. I’m grateful for the opportunity to give back through my art.

I wish everyone at IMAlive all the very best with their new artist.

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