If you can dream it,
i can paint it

This painting is the most wonderful thing! 

It took my breath away! I can’t stop looking at it! So perfect! So bright! And yet soft…even though its on wood. Which somehow makes it better? Warmer? I don’t know how, but you made something so glorious!

Thank you so very much!

Thank you for painting in such wonderful colors!

Thank you for allowing me to enlarge a sale painting.

Thank you for suggesting a perfect size.Thank you ever so much for everything!

– Melody

here's how it works

I will paint, draw or create just about anything for you. Really!

So if you want something other than pop culture, like a horse or a landscape, it’s ok!

Price is determined by dimensions and medium.

When you reach out to me, we’ll discuss your needs and I’ll quote you a price.

There’s no obligation to commit when you hit me up with an idea or query! I’ve talked to people who have wanted things I couldn’t do (like realism) and it’s fine. You need to be happy with your art and that includes deciding if I’m the right artist for you.

For so many artists, commissions are the bane of their existences

but not me!

I love and live for commissions.

You captured him perfectly.  I am going back and forth between your painting and the photo….  You did an unreal job! – Adam

If you want a high impact, emotionally accurate image: commission Paula Mould. For the pieces she created for me, her colors were charged (including fluorescent), and her style was loose. But the sense of those people at that moment: it’s there. She caught it fully. I was surprised and delighted.

Salley K.

For any inquiries please email


I totally LOVE this one. What you are saying. Something I totally relate to

You’re like the teacups n plates that break or crack n they fill them w gold. They’re treasured more than the whole. 

Like you, sum of its parts transmute into something infinitely more valuable. So here’s to us cracked cups reaching for our gold n reclaiming our best pieces to become a more beautiful whole.

I love these stories!!!!  Such a great email!!