For so many artists, commissions are the bane of their existences. But not me! I love and live for commissions.

This painting is the most wonderful thing! It took my breath away! I can’t stop looking at it! So perfect! So bright! And yet soft…even though its on wood. Which somehow makes it better? Warmer? I don’t know how, but you made something so glorious!

Thank you so very much!
Thank you for painting in such wonderful colors!
Thank you for allowing me to enlarge a sale painting.
Thank you for suggesting a perfect size.
Thank you ever so much for everything! – Melody

I will paint, draw or create just about anything for you. Really! So if you want something other than pop culture, like a horse or a landscape, it’s ok!

I work in the mediums you see on my site. Right now that includes acrylic paint on canvas or wood, pen and ink, or encaustic (wax). I want your art to be the best it can be so I’m sticking with what I know best.

Price is determined by dimensions and medium. When you reach out to me, we’ll discuss your needs and I’ll quote you a price.

There’s no obligation to commit when you hit me up with an idea or query! I’ve talked to people who have wanted things I couldn’t do (like realism) and it’s fine. You need to be happy with your art and that includes deciding if I’m the right artist for you.

If you want a high impact, emotionally accurate image: commission Paula Mould. For the pieces she created for me, her colors were charged (including fluorescent), and her style was loose. But the sense of those people at that moment: it’s there. She caught it fully. I was surprised and delighted.
– Salley

Have an idea? A photo to work from? A burning question about whether something is possible? Let’s talk. Email is best, and let’s see if I’m a good fit for your project.