September 16, 2013

“Cool!” – Acrylic Portrait

And finally, what has to be my favourite painting of all time, Cool! 16″x20″ acrylic on stretched canvas. This painting came together so fast, I didn’t have time to stop and take photos as often as normal. It felt like the face was already in the canvas and just needed a little coaxing to come out. Major colour are in place. I always think of paintings like topographic maps, or even sculptures. Only I can see the highs and lows. So at this point, I was painting in the mountains of the face. Marking out the valleys. Going fast and rough.

And this one I went back in for subtle changes. Knocking the cliffs back a bit. Removing abrupt drops in height. and working on pulling everything together. The differences are now even harder to spot but they’re there. At this point I decided to leave the face partially unfinished. I was pleased with the emotion, the energy that was coming from the painting and felt that finishing the piece could only detract from that.

And the final painting on the easel. I don’t know if I will ever sell this one; it is exactly what I wanted to see on canvas and entirely the way I imagined it. That is so rare in painting. Not that I have issues with my other pieces because often the journey, or even the unexpected, creates results that I love. But this? This one is all that and more.