Are you an artist or writer facing procrastination or worse, creative blocks?

Do you feel completely isolated in your work and need a colleague to bounce ideas off of?

Or maybe you need accountability to get things done.

I’m an artist and writer and I’ve faced it all in my career. The crippling isolation. The inability to put words on a page or paint on a canvas. And let’s talk about procrastination because I bet I can solve a solitaire puzzle faster than you!

But I figured out how to get things done. How to deal with my demons to push my creative practice to the next level.

Paula has an uncanny ability to quickly detect what’s missing, brainstorm and is result oriented which has helped my career exponentially. I would not be on the path I am now without her feedback, guidance and straightforward approach to implementation. Anyone who works with her will catapult their career forward and create a trajectory that will inspire them to commit to the steps she is suggesting.
– Robbie Kaye, artist, author, musician

If you need

  • accountibilty
  • deadlines
  • someone to help you flesh out ideas
  • fresh eyes on your work, including critiques that won’t crush you but will help you improve
  • help sorting out the best schedule for you
  • and more

Then we need to talk!

Creative coaching is not life coaching and it’s not therapy. It’s a safe space to meet with me on a weekly basis to get you focused, motivated and leveled up so you produce more work, waste less time and get your art out in the world.

It can change your creative life completely.

I am so very blessed to have had moments of deep, insightful, change-making coaching from Paula. It is in large part because of Paula’s kind but utterly no-BS attitude that I recently, finally, gave into a 35 year calling to be an artist. I don’t know what’s in her new coaching program, but I do know that it will change your life and art practice profoundly.
– Martin Stellar, coach, artist

I’ve worked with a select number of artists and friends, supporting them in their work and now I’m finally opening the doors, in a very limited way, to coach artists and writers who are ambitious and motivated but are missing a few key things.

Paula has so many wonderful ideas. It’s so great that just by talking with her she gives a different approach with an insight for do-able possibilities. If you want a genuine thoughtful person in your corner for a fresh perspective, that would describe Paula all the way.
– Katrina Gorman, artist

What I’ve noticed, in the years since leaving art school, is I’ve been missing a sense of community and belonging. The energy you get from working creatively with other like-minded people.

I know my art practice has changed and improved dramatically now that I include others in my creative practice. Learning new approaches, sharing ideas. It’s all good stuff!

From her emails, I/everyone knows that Paula is completely honest. I see that as rare attribute. But combine that with her insight – and I have benefited so much. Her perceptive comments have encouraged me to maintain faith when going through rugged times, to believe I could accomplish my goals, to shoot high, and know that she is there – always there, backing me up.
– Salley Knight, artist

Using one Skype call a week, about a half hour in length, and email communication, I can get you back on track or help you get on the express train to success.

If you do the work, I’ve got your back.

Want in? Email me to talk We can set up a discovery call to see if we’re a good fit.

Paula and I are creative friends – we talk every couple of weeks about life and our artistic selves. I’ve been on the receiving end of enthusiastic and fearless guidance. If you’re looking for a kind kick-in-the-pants creative coach, she’s the one for you!
– Skye MacLeod, artist