June 30, 2016


It’s been a while since I posted but not since I painted.

And definitely not since I last emailed my followers. Which, by the way, are the most awesome people around. Email followers often get different content from blog followers. Emails cover things like my journey as an artist, what goes on behind the scenes as I get ready for cons. My studio search and more. Okay…so I haven’t covered the last one yet, but I will soon.

In my ongoing Supernatural Challenge, I swung back around to first season to paint John Winchester. He was a character who, even though he was hardly in the show, had a tremendous impact on the characters and events. An impact we can still see in season 11.

20160623_150025-1 20160623_151550-1

A lot of people don’t like John. He wasn’t exactly father of the year. But, he wasn’t a two dimensional character either. I think swinging around to any side of the debate, from alcoholic abuser to strict but loving father, doesn’t do the character justice.

He loved his boys so much he made them train so they wouldn’t be caught off guard by anything.

He loved his wife so much he needed to avenge her death at any cost.

He was obsessed and neglected the emotional well being of his boys.

He was terrifying when drunk.

He was negligent.

He was relentless.

He had high standards.

Hell, I’m not exactly loving him right now. As a parent, I find his behavior and implied past to be less than stellar.

At the same time that his boys loved him.

At the same time that kids are wired to love their parents.

See? Complex.

20160623_152159-1  20160623_153903-1

But I wanted to capture  a moment that did that complexity justice. He truly did love Sam and Dean. He had regrets. He was self aware enough to be aware of the impact of his actions.


And he stepped forward to cross the divide between himself and Sam. This is that moment.


A reunion. Albeit short-lived.




24″ x 12″

Acrylic on gallery canvas (which means that the canvas stretchers are 2″ thick rather than 1″)