September 9, 2015

Disturber of the Peace – Day 8 Challenge Painting

You’ll notice that I am missing days in this challenge. While I hope to catch up, the reality is, I run two businesses, have three kids and Labour Day weekend was busy. Let’s see how the month unfolds, but I would rather enjoy the journey than stress about missing paintings.

I both love and loath Lord of the Rings. I’ve read the books, watched the films and enjoyed it as much as a casual fan, slightly more than casual fan, can. But it seems to me that the series is a tragedy brought upon innocents through no fault of their own. My favourite parts of the series are all in the first film when the hobbits are still happy and living their hobbity lives.

That moment changes abruptly when the Bilbo reveals the ring, using it as a cheap party trick. I painted the moment when the ring kicks to life earlier and you can read about it here. Suddenly, without anyone seeing the big picture, everything changes. Life, as they know it, is over.

When Frodo walks into Bilbo’s house looking for Bilbo, he pauses at the door and picks up the ring which had been dropped on the floor. Gandalf can’t touch it, but you can see that he knows when Frodo has. And he *knows* that everything has changed. This is that moment.


Like the previous Bilbo painting, this one has a very warm colour palette. Influenced by the candles and lit fire from the fireplace and enhanced by the warm, natural tones of a hobbit hole. It’s a gorgeous palette to work with.


I wanted to capture the last moment of Frodo’s innocence here. Though he is painted without detail, his pause and posture are questioning but without fear. Why should he be afraid? Gandalf may be a disturber of the peace but he’s never brought hobbits to harm. At least in his mind.



“Disturber of the Peace”

24″ X 12″

Acrylic on canvas

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