November 27, 2015

Doctor Jones

It has been a fantastic week of commissions and print orders. For everyone who chooses to like, follow and even buy my work: thank you.  Your support is greatly appreciated. We all love our fandoms and honouring them in this way is my love story to them and hell, to fans everywhere.

So you can imagine, how especially thrilled I was to get this commission. INDY!! I meant to paint him before but I have so many paintings in the queue right now that he ended up being shuffled to the back. But when it’s a commission request, well it’s a case of drop my brushes, because it’s time to paint!


There are so many choices for scenes to work from with Indy. I wanted to go with the iconic first view, when we didn’t know anything about this guy but he was still amazeballs. Hot, determined, even dangerous, and smart. How long into the movie was it before he had us all enthralled? For me, right about here.


I flip the order of layers around a lot, but when I want to make sure, absolutely sure that I am getting the image right, I start with black. Black defines eyes and facial shape. Mouths and major colour weights. This piece was hella dark so black made a lot of sense to start with.


For anyone who had to do pre-press work in the 1990s or earlier, you will be familiar with colour separations. I had to learn all that shit at school. And it was fine until suddenly technology changed. But, it’s the thing I keep in mind when I paint in this style. A layered build-up of colour resulting in a finished image.


When I get towards the end, I go back and work up colours. So I add in white to brighten. Add more black in to balance. And then whatever needs to be done to finish the painting off.

sm_20151124_221113-1“Doctor Jones”


Acrylic on canvas

This was a commission so the original is not for sale. I do have prints available HERE. And…if you’re going to Fan Days on December 5, you can buy this and other prints directly from me. YAY!

For this and other events, please check out my events page. I am going to be lots of places in 2016!