Don’t blink

Two of my kids have major life moments going on. My oldest is done high school. My middle kid is graduating from grade 8 tonight.

These kids who were cute and roly poly and oh so cuddly one minute, bringing me handfuls of dandelions and professing their true love for me, are now tall, gangly teens with lives of their own and huge dreams.

I know what happened: I blinked.

Life got busy so quickly and there were moments when I forgot to pause and grab hold of everyone and hold them tight. Don’t ever grow up! Stay like this, in this moment, forever!

Life doesn’t pause though, does it? It starts at a jog and by the time you hit middle age, it’s fucking galloping.

I’ll blink again and my youngest will be moving out into her own place, I know this.

I’ll blink once more and I’ll be looking back on my life wondering at how it went by so fast.

We think we have forever and later to do things, but we don’t.

There is no forever. There is no later. There is only now.

I’m going to go hug all my kids and wish them well on the next stages of their lives. And I’ll remind them to stop, pause, hold tight when they can.

Don’t blink.