Elevate Group Art Show: Recovery

I’ve been silent for a week, haven’t even painted for a week, but now I’m baaaa-ack!

It has been a week of recovery and prep for me. Recovery from the Elevate Group Art Show that happened last Tuesday. Prep for Fan Days in Toronto on December 5. Both events consume(d) my every day. But let’s talk about the art show.


London, Ontario is gorgeous at night. I have to admit I don’t go downtown often. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve driven downtown on purpose. Most of them were last week! LOL But because of the events of this autumn, everything has changed for me. I now grab and embrace whatever comes my way. Like this last minute (for me) art show with the Elevate Group!


Lavish (the venue that was used) is a club right on Dundas Street in London. Right next to a fantastic used book store and down the street from Heroes Comics. Yes, I navigate by book stores and nerd shops. It’s how I roll!


The venue was FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC for art! Look at how my art (and everyone else’s) was hung. LOOK!


The walls had character. The whole place was rocking. These photos are from early in the night because I didn’t want to capture too many people in my photos. They blocked my art! Ha ha ha.


I stayed a lot longer than I had intended, talking to people and other artists. I was interviewed by 106.9 The X about my work. I met another female programmer! It’s so refreshing to talk shop, whether it’s art or coding, with someone else in the know.

The energy from the show was amazing. What had me amused, the whole way through, was that I submitted nerd art to a serious show! The people who didn’t know the subjects were still gracious and enjoyed the paintings. The people who did know who I had painted nerded out completely. It was awesome.

But this week, I’m back to ComicCon prep. Don’t forget December 5th in Toronto! I’ve got a Han Solo in the queue, another SPN painting and then I’m onto a series from The Force Awakens. And whatever else I can fit in between now and Dec 3.