November 9, 2015

Elevate Group Art Show: Preparation

Today is the day I drop off my art for the Elevation Group Art Show in London, Ontario. This is my last show in London for this year and I’m bringing five paintings with me.


Still Cooking

24″x12″ Acrylic on Canvas

One of my favourite pieces using a completely different colour palette for the portrait. I had a ton of fun sprinkling the regeneration energy paint using a toothbrush. Painting should be fun.


The Girl Who Waited

24″x12″ Acrylic on canvas

I’m seriously over Moffat’s silly descriptions that remove depth from every character, but it works in this context. See? If I use it, it’s okay. So there. Ha!


I Wish I Couldn’t Feel A Damn Thing

24″x12″ Acrylic on canvas

My favourite scene rebooted successfully. I really, really wanted to get this one right and the end result is something I am so damn pleased with.


Baby In A Trench Coat

24″x12″ Acrylic on canvas

This painting looks far, far better in person. Especially now that I’ve spent two days coating it in gloss. The colours really pop. In fact, it worked so well, I was up at 5:30am this morning just to add another coat. Now that’s dedication.

Someone send me a coffee IV right about now though. Seriously. Anyone?


Walking Blasphemy

24″x12″ Acrylic on canvas

Another favourite. Okay, I’ll admit that ALL of these are my favs. They are. Plus, on this one, I threw paint at the canvas. That was a hell of a lot of fun.


So that’s the line up. The show is tomorrow at Lavish in beautiful downtown London Ontario.

After this, I’m all about getting ready for December’s one day Comiccon event. Woot! I signed with an art rep last week so you will be seeing me all over the place next year. Stay tuned for event updates.