September 18, 2015

Eleven – Day 17 Challenge Painting


Day 17 yielded two paintings that were completely different from my previous works. An incredible change that I am going to run with and see where it takes me.

I haven’t painted the 11th Doctor in a very long time and quite frankly, never did him justice. But that’s okay, because art is a journey and I knew at some point I would swing around and make it right. The source for this painting was captured over a year ago so I don’t even know which episode it came from, but the look on the Doctor’s face, and his intensity, captured me and made me want to paint him at this moment.


Matt Smith played the Doctor as both a harmless fool and someone never to be trifled with. An oxymoron in so many ways. Huge credit to the actor for pulling that off. I can only hope I did him some justice with this work.

The piece started out very flat but look how adding in the second colour, the yellow, really change the painting up. The human brain is so fascinating in its ability to fill in the blanks and allow us to take minimal information and create the illusion of dimension on a flat surface. One of the most interesting things to me about painting faces is making them feel like they aren’t flat, but have substance and depth.


And it didn’t take long to build that depth at all. Again, the colour palette for this piece was incredibly limited and contained no typical “flesh” colours in it and yet it works.


The last half hour or so on the piece was deciding when I was done. Some paintings scream “DONE!” and some don’t. The hardest part of painting is knowing when to stop. Overworking can kill a piece just as much as walking away too soon can. I fiddled a bit, walked away for a few minutes, came back to tweak and called it a night.



Acrylic on canvas. 

Want prints? You can get them HERE. If you would like the original, contact me directly. I love it when my art finds a good home.

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