January 2, 2017

Enough With The 2016 Retrospectives!

Does anyone need yet another 2016 retrospective?


Yeah, I did mine last night. One last look back before moving forward. You can check it out here, mostly pictures and very few words.

I made around 144 paintings last year. Pretty fucking awesome, considering my con and show schedule.

But that’s enough looking back.

I’m all for knowing where you’ve been. Pausing and being grateful is important. This time last year I had no idea what kind of year I would have.

I bet it’s the same for you.

But looking back too much prevents anyone from looking forward. And forward is the direction to go.

And not the forward where there are resolutions. Those don’t work.

But plans? Goals to meet? Room for life to throw curve balls? Absolutely.

If 2016 was the year I found my artist’s voice, 2017 is the year I’m going to use it to shout loudly and clearly.

See? Looking back to help me move forward.

I’ve got lots of paintings planned and in the works. I’m planning on heading to the US for shows. My goals include getting big. This is my year to grow.

So, without resolutions, this is how my plans will come to life.

  1. I applied for my passport (yes…I am probably the only Canuck who doesn’t have one LOL).
  2. I found out which visa I need to work at shows in the US. Applying for it is on my to-do list tomorrow. Not some day. Literally tomorrow.
  3. I’m supporting causes I believe in and can stand behind. This is less about growing professionally and more towards me having a meaningful life.
  4. As I’ve written about before, happiness is fickle, living a meaningful life is what matters.
    Paint and share like mad. My followers and fans on social media are awesome. On the days when I feel like I can’t take one more step forward, someone always, right out of the blue, says or does the one thing that lifts my spirits. And in return, I pay it forward.
  5. Write my book. Oh hay! Did I mention the book? These daily emails are a sneak peek into what I’m writing but they’re by no means the whole thing.
  6. Forgive myself. Because some of the things I plan on doing this year are big. And difficult. And they need to be done. 2017 is going to be a year of big change for me and that always has a cost.

No resolutions. No falling off the wagon. No losing and gaining the same 10 pounds. Just a clear path that will take me to new places that I can’t even picture right now but I’m going there anyway.
What does 2017 look like for you?

Maybe it needs more colour. Ya know I can help you with that. Hit reply to talk about commissions, original paintings or how much you loved Rogue One. There’s no obligation.