Finn Colouring Page

Well, well, well. Someone has incredible taste in art! Who could it be? It’s YOU! Look at you, choosing to get art in your inbox. And then choosing this fabulous piece of art to colour.

You can download your PDF here.


This page is based on this painting which I did before I saw Star Wars.

I believe in total freedom in creativity but that doesn’t work for everyone. You can follow the steps below to get a painterly result or feel free to make your own colour choices. No matter what, when you put marker or pencil or paint to paper, you are doing a good thing.


This piece I painted in flat layers. This made it so much more exciting when the whole thing just turned into a face!

The blue would be a sky or peacock blue.


Yellow is a cadmium medium yellow. Or process yellow. Intense but neither too light nor too dark.


The red was a medium red. Again, you want intense and true red without being too bright.


Violet or dark purple went on next.


Followed by black which I’ve already put in place for you.


And finally, any extra shading or details you might want to add.

See? Fun!

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All I ask is that you don’t use these for commercial purposes. These are actually the simplified drawings for the paintings. Thank you!