The search for belonging

We go through out lives feeling so very alone

Our roles, defined by society and pop culture we lose who we really are.Finding Inclusivity is a project intended to inspire. To help women find themselves in these stories. To start dialogue about what it means to be a woman right now.Over 100 women, or people who identify as female, are being interviewed. Their portraits painted.

The end result will be a project full of portraits and stories.

Including stories from women like Leanne, who left an abusive relationship and started her life over in an entirely new city. Alone with her daughter.

And Leigh, who never guessed she’d end up as a refuge, seeking asylum from her own country.

Megan, who is struggling to cope with the loss of her child, and helping other women along the way.

Susan, whose non binary teen inspired her to help others. She’s opened her home up to teens who were rejected by their families.

And so many more.

Episode 1

Episode 2 – Trigger Warnings