Finding Inclusivity

The aim of this project is to create a dialogue about what it means to be female. The definitions we get in popular culture are very limiting and leave anyone who doesn’t fit them, out in the cold.

As women, we can be defined by our roles: mother, wife, daughter and our stories usually end with marriage or the birth of the first child. Our identities get lost and our narratives are overlooked.

With Finding Inclusivity, I’m celebrating everyone who identifies as female and throwing out the old definition. No one is left on the outside looking in. We all belong here.

Paula Mould
Artist and Writer

Hello... and welcome to my site

I'm Paula Mould and and I'm an impressionist portrait artist. 

You may have seen my work online. I paint with a focus on pop culture, retelling the stories through my lens.

My work includes giving back, like painting for 's Supernatural Outreach Project, and painting to help various women's shelters raise funds to help them continue their work.

Now I want to take my work, my observations on pop culture and on life and do something big. This is that project.

I'm currently searching for 100 women, or people who identify as female, to participate in the project. Participants will have a chance to tell their story and get their portrait painted. You must be comfortable with sharing both publicly.

In exchange for their time, participants will get a limited edition book containing all the portraits and stories from this project. But best of all, this project gives women a chance to be seen and heard.

How awesome is that?

You can check out the site here and sign up here.​

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