Finding Inclusivity 

I’ve been having a lot of interesting conversations this week.

Conversations about gender. What it means to identify as a woman. What it feels like to fall short of familial or societal expectations of what being female is.

And how do we define being female in the first place? For a lot of people it’s a physical definition. But for a lot of people it isn’t. And I propose that physicality is only one aspect and not even an important one.

After talking for hours about this project with all sorts of people I’ve come up with a few definitions of what it is, and what I want to come out of it.

My biggest goal is inclusivity. That we knock down the expectations and definitions of being female, being a woman. That the people who have been standing on the outside, become welcome in.

I want to start a dialogue on what it means to be a woman. Trials, expectations, hardships, triumphs. What barriers do we automatically face, living in the gender we’re assigned or identified with?

I want to look at the words we use to talk about ourselves. Boss Babe. Mompreneur. Bitch. Girl. Bossy. Difficult.

I want everyone looking at this project, or participating in it, to pause and think about how we define ourselves. How we move through our lives. How we even feel about ourselves and our expected place in society.

And as I get ready to kick this off, I need some help. Your help.

I’m looking for women, or people who identify as female, to contact me. I’m looking for stories and pictures. This is both a painted project and a written one. Participants will get a limited edition run of a book I’m putting together, containing both the stories and the paintings I’m going to make.

Finding Inclusivity.

Kind words. Small changes.  An ebook to brighten your today and tomorrow. From me to you.

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