October 19, 2015

Forest City Comicon: Review

First off, I want to say a huge “thank you” to everyone who stopped by my table yesterday. Your responses to my work were heart warming. Your desires to talk about our fandoms, amazing. I got to see some awesome costumes, meet so many incredibly interesting people, and best of all, sell my work to the people who loved it.

Specifically, for this convention, I made a limited run of Castiel bookmarks. Taking my painting, “I’ll Just Wait Here Then” and doing some adjustments in Photoshop and Illustrator produced a fantastic (and entirely appropriate) bookmark.

prsm_IllJustWaitHereThen 12105777_696132813855486_7517275034606091899_n

I also had tear sheets/contact sheets printed out with my best and recent work on them. And of course, my square business cards. “Collect all four” was the theme of the day! I’ll be making more of those, so for anyone who sees me at other conventions, you’ll want to stop by and get the latest and greatest!


Conventions can be a very long day. I was up at 4:30 am for mine. Maybe a little too early, but I couldn’t sleep. Just before 7:00 am, I loaded all my gear onto the front porch and had a good look at the snow outside. I considered going back in the house at that point (SNOW! In October!!!) but didn’t. See how much I love you all? I slogged through snow just for you. You’re welcome.

12107802_696889487113152_4330014422967618929_n 12122807_696889497113151_7494159257157434819_n

The convention itself was incredibly well run behind the scenes. Lots of volunteers. Very organized. The communication between the con and the vendors was superb. I had my table set up fairly quickly and then it was a matter of time. Waiting for the doors to open.


Wonder Woman went to her forever home yesterday. I had fun showing the original until the owner came and got her.


I had a ton of fun seeing all the cosplay! I talked to Halo people, the cutest little Wonder Woman kid, several Doctors, a Kayley who was so close to real I was gobsmacked, and more. In fact I talked so much that today I sound a bit like a pack-a-day smoker!


You know what sold out first? Take a guess!

spn triptych

For anyone who saw my art in person, and wants prints, especially any I sold out, don’t forget, you can contact me. Tell me you saw me at the convention and I will give you convention pricing.

Hell, if you’re following me here and want prints or paintings, same deal. Because clearly, you’re my favourite people.

Between now and Dec 1, I have 30 paintings in the works. I got requests for Hawkeye, SG1, Chewbacca, Ten, Nine, Gabriel from SPN and Harry Potter. Plus I’m thinking some X-Files, more SPN and more Avengers. 

Know why I’m all about 30 more paintings? I’m going to be in Toronto on December 5th! You can find out more here 

If you want a commission esp for Christmas gifting, I am still taking commissions. I paint a lot and live for painting. Please do feel free to message me and let’s talk. If you want prints, take into account the time it takes for mail to arrive. I strongly suggest any print purchases that require mailing happen by Dec 1.

You can message me to order prints or paintings, or just pop over to my store. More prints are coming this week. I love it when my art finds a forever home!