February 3, 2017

Fortune favours the bold

Fortune favours the bold.

I think about fortune and opportunity a lot. And even going farther and thinking about intention.

Now if anyone has lived through the past decade, you’ll know that manifesting and intention have become buzzwords. A kind of new new age.

An age where the universe can be controlled by our thoughts and intentions.

There’s a huge part of me that is entirely skeptical about this. And the science side of me, yes like Tumblr I have a science side, knows about the research that shows that the universe is a hologram. Which is fucking interesting. And crazy.

So I’m not going to poo-poo on this topic at the moment. And I’m not going to spend time here, now, debating this.

But I do know one thing:

The more you do, the more you do.

I’ll back this up a bit with a story. And like all stories, it may not prove anything and is entirely open to interpretation.

I’m a workaholic. And I spent most of my life as an introvert. Being invisible.

I did nothing with my art beyond making it. I was working, nose to computer, as a programmer full-time. Beyond full-time.

Two years ago, I had a fuck it moment. I’ve written about that before. And I started sharing my art in small ways. When that happened, small opportunities started appearing.

I continued with small moves and small opportunities for a while until I had another fuck it moment. I looked around and thought I should be in front of more people.

But I didn’t have a big enough body of work. Galleries want to see consistency. Hell, even online followers want to see a body of work. It shows commitment and skill.

So I made a big move and created somewhere around 25 paintings in one month. When I finished, I looked around and wondered what to do with these paintings. I needed a venue but I had no idea where to go from there.

That’s when my first big opportunity opened up and I grabbed it. It was crazy. It wasn’t do-able. It terrified me so badly I had friends drive me there and walk me in.

I am not even kidding about this.

But the minute I grabbed that opportunity, in spite of my fear, another opportunity came that scared me. And another. And another.

I did them all.

It seems like for every move I make, a door opens. The bigger the move, the bigger the door. And the more I walk through those doors, the more doors I get.

The more I do, the more I do.

Every move and every opportunity seems to grow exponentially.

Now is that luck? Or maybe it’s intention and manifesting. Or maybe I’m in the Matrix.

That would explain why everything tastes like chicken. Ha!

But I’ve just seen this happen with another friend and colleague who made a big move this week with her art business. A big, hairy, scary move. And it paid off the very next day.

So I’m thinking there’s something interesting going on. Whether you believe in manifesting and intention or not.

That maybe fortune does favour the bold.

That maybe when we open ourselves up to opportunity and grab it, we get rewarded with more opportunities.

So my challenge for you is this: figure out what scares you the most in your life or business.

What’s the thing you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t? Figure it out and realise that maybe it’s time.

Paint. Write. Create. Do the thing. Share it with the world. See what happens.

Because nothing changes if nothing changes and the more you do, the more you do.

And if you want encouragement, hit reply and let’s talk. I want you to do the thing.
Did you know?
There’s a huge amount of power that comes from facing your fears. There is.

Our lizard brains want to protect us and make every fear feel like impending death. But in reality, these things generally won’t kill us. And we need to remember who’s in control of our lives. The lizard? Or the human soul?

I have lived small for a very long time. I’m living large now. Guess which one has made me feel actually ALIVE?

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