June 30, 2016

Hailing On All Frequencies

As part of my ongoing series for X Gallery’s Sci show in August, I decided to paint Lieutenant Uhura.

I could go on and on about how the role was incredible, especially for the time. A woman doing more than just repeating the computer. And a minority at that. Uhura was strong and capable and a role model for girls like me.

Her role broke all sorts of glass ceilings too, including the first interracial kiss on television.

Incredibly, Nichelle Nichols, the lovely woman who played this role, was the first celebrity I ever saw in person.

It was a moving experience. My first time seeing someone without a barrier consisting of screen or image.

I wanted to capture the depth of this character. Her personality which ranged from no-nonsense professional, to deep and rich friend with a sense of joy.

Preparing for a show means creating a body of work. A consistent body of work. The first and easiest way to create consistency is to work on the same size and same type of canvas. This series, at the very least, will be all on black canvas. I think I may vary the dimensions of the images as I go though.
20160625_181605 20160625_182145

Making sure I portrayed her energy meant using bigger brushes and more loose brush strokes.


Bright and bold colours.


Lots of details and unexpected colours. My favourites right now are the neons plus teal. I love teal in a way that’s probably unhealthy.


Hailing On All Frequencies

20″ x 16″

Acrylic on canvas.