February 29, 2016

He Doesn’t Believe In The No Win Scenario

Continuing on with my Star Trek series of paintings, the next logical person to paint is the big guy himself: Kirk. I love how the reboot changed and affected his back story so much and yet he still ended up in the Captain’s chair. That maybe we need to explore themes of destiny and personality more. All roads lead to Rome, right?

But this isn’t what I want to talk about here.

I could go on again about the perfection of the reboot casting. Because, it is perfection. All actors treated their characters with honour and respect and it shows.

I could go on again about the weaknesses in the story or the strengths. Because it has both in spades.

And the feels.

sm_20160228_201043-1But I would rather go on about painting in colours outside my comfort zone. This painting is RED. And not just a little but a whole fucking lot of red. Red is such a bitch to work with. The pigment is very translucent and runny. You’d think in this day and age that pigments would be consistent from colour to colour but they aren’t. And the reason for this is science.

Which I’m not going to talk about here though I love the chemistry aspect of paint.

Just noting that red is a bitch to work with and yet, often, I can make the bitchiness work in my favour. Times when I need to glaze on colours, red doesn’t need to be thinned with acrylic medium. Times when I want a subtle dry brush layer, red comes through in spades.

sm_20160228_203729-1But when I need thick, rich and startling colour, red sucks completely unless it’s mixed with other colours which defeats the whole point of red.

Fuck you, red.

The above also applies to yellows like Cadmium yellow deep. Fuck you too!

But that’s the joy of painting: knowing the limitations of the tools and working within them or forcing them to bend. This painting came through because I worked knowing those limitations and I made them work for me.





“He Doesn’t Believe In The No Win Scenario”

24″ x 12″

Acrylic on stretched canvas