February 25, 2016

He Has Lungworm, Sir

Continuing on with my Star Trek series, here’s Sulu. An iconic character from the original series who really needed more screen time. In the reboot, his actions play a critical role in saving the Enterprise (SPOILERS!) and his character is well-rounded and interesting.


There’s a lot of video to go with this painting. It feels like writing about it is a bit redundant, but I’m going to anyway.

Black. It’s the defining colour for me this year. It anchors my paintings so perfectly. Starting this one with black really had an ink feeling to it. I have a background in a lot of mediums (Media? I don’t remember the right art term for this) and ink was one of them. Ink is incredibly unforgiving, but like a visual silk when done right. Shiny. Simple. Basic. Hot.

I probably could have left the painting right there. Just like that.



Colour defines me. It rules my heart and soul. I know, watching people react to my paintings (which is fucking awesome btw, just saying) that I am not the only one who feels this. We are wired for colour as a means of survival. From seeing danger to finding food, colour can save lives.

I use it shamelessly because, taken outside of survival, colour creates strong responses in people.

In my work, I use it to portray emotion.



In this series, I am using colour in new ways. Layering both in flat colours and complex mixes. Throwing in unexpected purples and horrible flat peaches that look like nothing on my palette but they sing on the canvas.

Like everything else in this world, colours play off each other and change depending on their location. It’s a heady experience to make dull colours vibrate and vibrant colours shine.



I might be addicted to colour.



But this addition is pretty fucking awesome.

And just when you think the painting will never come together in the right way… 

BOOM! It does.

I’d like to take a small moment to tell my art teachers, the ones who said I wasn’t good enough to be an artist, to suck it.

sm_20160224_213431-1“He Has Lungworm, Sir”

24″ x 12″

Acrylic on canvas