October 14, 2015

He’s Never Heard of the Millennium Falcon

I think a lot of nerds from the 1970s or earlier have stories to tell about the impact Star Wars had on their lives. I know it hit me like a ton of space bricks and completely changed the direction of my life.

In spite of that, I’ve rarely painted anything Star Wars. Probably because I wasn’t ready. Doing justice to something that is almost sacred in its influence halted my brush.

But no more.


The Cantina scene was a classic. We were all Luke, looking around at the weirdness and feeling like we were dancing tango when everyone else was doing a two-step. Or whatever the metaphor is. I don’t dance. I can’t dance. The world is better for the fact that I don’t.

Ben Kenobi, the crazy old man, just waltzed in and knew exactly what to do. There was more to him than met the eye. And this is where my five-year-old self realised that.


This guy doesn’t give a fuck about the Millennium Falcon as long as she can fly. Look at his face; polite disinterest. Just enough interest to keep Han talking.


See? No fucks given.


Polite though.

hesNever_20150527_204330 IMG_20150531_135355

Layering colour, trying to keep the mood of the painting. I played with a few reds and peaches until I felt like he looked right. Alive, ready and planning his and Luke’s way off that ball of rock and back into the game that hadn’t changed at all.

hesNever_1509787_639176569551111_8447084652345508242_n “He’s Never Heard Of The Millennium Falcon”


Acrylic on canvas

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