Do you ever feel like you need something more after you’ve watched an incredible show or movie? That the story grips you and won’t let go?

Maybe you want to take a piece of that into the real world; capture the moment a little longer.

That’s what art is for!


Hello, I’m Paula Mould and I am a Con Artist.


No, not that kind of con artist! I paint fan art and sell it at conventions. Con Artist.

But not every fan goes to conventions and I myself can’t go to every single one. I’d love to but it’s impossible! So my art has its permanent home here on this site.

This is where fandom love lives. Where I paint the best moments, the emotional moments, the most terrifying moments and more from a variety of fandoms. I paint ALL THE FEELS!

And I write about those paintings in my blog. And record videos, because sometimes the written word isn’t enough.


This is the place where you can buy prints from my paintings or order commissions.

wereAllStoriesInTheEnd_PaulaMoiuld youreGonnaComeWithUs_PaulaMould

This is the place where you can see art being made.

traitor_PaulaMould heIsALittleShortForAStormTrooper_PaulaMould

This is the place where you can reach out and see me in person.

doomsday2_PaulaMould doomsday_PaulaMould

Why? Because honouring our fandoms through art is important. Celebrating the stories that make us go SQUEEEE! matters.

hell_PaulaMould  HanShotFirst_PaulaMould

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notSlytherin_PaulaMould Joker_PaulaMould

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