November 28, 2015

Hoping For A Miracle

 “Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father, prepare to die!”

I think even people who’ve never seen The Princess Bride know this line. Classic. Classic.

The tormented Spaniard on a twenty-year mission to avenge his father. Drunk. Amazing skills with a sword. And his eyes… well we just won’t go there. So much depth.

This was another commission for me and such a joyful one. So much to convey in one painting. All the feels. Plus, I got to watch The Princess Bride again while looking for the right scene. I had so much fun painting Fezzik earlier this year. I saw the movie when it came out in theatres (don’t do the math here!) and loved introducing my spawn to it. It’s a movie I don’t watch often enough, but when I do, it lightens my heart for a day.

So much wow.


There were about 18 or so choices for me for Inigo. Fighting, waiting, joking but the one that kicked me where I live was when he and Fezzik were trying to get help from Miracle Max. First by lying about the Man in Black and why he was “mostly” dead and then by telling the truth.


Conveying emotion, and intensity, is something that I love to do when painting. The hope and desperation in Inigo’s face in this scene just begged me to paint it.


Layer upon layer of paint.


When I do my prep work, before I ever go to my studio to paint, I look for ways to change colours and remove as much excess info from a person’s face without losing the essence of the person. It’s almost a minimalist approach. Incredibly satisfying to paint. There’s so much detail in the absence of detail.


The trick is to find balance. Just enough information without too much or too little. Just enough brilliant yellow without breaking the colour out and adding discord to the composition.


And sometimes the painting needs an unexpected purple. Because, let’s face it, it’s purple. Purple needs no permission to join the party.

sm_20151125_213513-1“Hoping for a Miracle”


Acrylic on canvas

The original is sold but there are prints available.

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