January 3, 2018

I always resisted doing the one thing that helped me the most

Isn’t human nature funny? We know what’s good for us and still do the opposite.

For me, it was having a sketchbook.

Sounds silly but this is standard artist practice. I hadn’t filled one or really used one since college. And even then, it was only because I had to. Art planning and all that.


It might surprise you to know that I don’t enjoy drawing. I don’t. It’s slow, finicky and you can’t fake your way out of any mistakes.

My tools of choice used to be coloured pencils or chalk pastels when I was an illustrator. I loved the precision of those tools. Paint and brushes? Not for me. Obviously that’s changed.

But what hasn’t changed until a few weeks ago was the sketchbook.

You see, I assumed that sketchbooks were for sketching. (yes, there’s a big D’OH! in that). I wasn’t interested in sketching. And I do most of my prep work on my computer. I don’t need to figure out compositions on paper.

My coach suggested one but I resisted. And then I saw my daughter’s sketchbook.

Now, I should mention that my oldest spawn is just finishing up secondary school and she’s at a prestigious fine art school. She knows her shit. Has work that inspires me so much.

And her sketchbook? It was full of clippings, paint, doodles, cutouts. It was FULL of ideas, thoughts, scribbles. And it was FULL of work that didn’t need to perform. It didn’t need to be polished. It didn’t need to be for sale.

Now I wrote about this idea recently, before I began using my sketchbook. Kinda to kick me into the practice if I’m going to be honest lol. Since then, I have made it a daily practice to add to it. Notes. Paint. Half baked writing ideas. And even the cards and letters my followers send me.

Oh I’m so glad to have them where my artist heart lives. Everything you send me has ended up in this book.

But I didn’t expect the one thing that happened having this sketchbook: my brain stopped spinning so damn much.

I guess it’s like the power of lists, write something down and it doesn’t need to swirl around in your head. Same thing here. All the goofiness, abstract art, whatever, comes out of me and doesn’t fill my brain up any more.

Plus, I played with marker and paint and now, in my most recent work, you can see the results of that.

How awesome!

And bonus, it’s taken me from an object at rest to an object in motion. Creative motion. And that is incredible.

Powerful stuff right there.

If you are creative in any way, get one. Dust off one that’s been sitting around. Write, doodle, dream. Whatever. Just… add this practice into your life. I know it’ll change things up in the best way.

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