I am 55% done

I watch Nas Daily on Facebook. If you’re not familiar, he does daily one minute videos about whatever country he’s in or whatever thought he wants to share. It’s all good stuff.

And he sells a t-shirt that says how much life you have left based on your gender, date of birth and country.

I’m 55% through my life.

More than halfway through and there’s so much I want to do, experience and be.

The number was higher than I expected and it really hit home. Especially because we all know that some of those years could be affected by issues related to aging.

I think if we all saw things in percentages, it would give us far more perspective. It’s profoundly shifted my priorities and removed a good chunk of self doubt.

Life is too damn short to waste it being mediocre, or being half alive, or living to other people’s expectations.

Will I have good knees in forty years? Dunno but they’re good now. Will I be cognitively together in thirty years? No guarantees. Will I love looking back on my life at any point?

Oh, there’s the real question and I have complete control over the answer here.

If I have 45% of my life left, I’m going to damn well live it.

How about you?

Go here to see your percentage. No shirt purchase is required and I’m not affiliated with Nas Daily at all.