July 5, 2016

I Gave ‘Em To The Klingons, Sir

If you’ve watched any Star Trek, classic Trek, you probably recognize that line.

I gave ’em to the Klingons, sir, where they’d be no tribble at all.

Bad puns.

Silly stories.

And tribbles.


The whole episode was actually well-written. It has aged incredibly well too.

I could argue that many of the classic Trek episodes have aged well.

When I decided to paint Trek, I wanted to cover episodes that were iconic, but I didn’t want to be cliché about it.

Some moments are over-used. Everyone recognizes them. But how many people remember the moment at the end of The Trouble With Tribbles where the bridge team has made a move to deal with the infestation, but no one really wants to take credit/blame?


And finally Mr. Scott did.


And the look on his face is priceless. This is that moment. The pun. The credit. The solution to their problems.


I Gave ‘Em To The Klingons, Sir

20″ x 15″

Acrylic on stretched canvas.