October 6, 2017

I got love falling like the rain

If you’ve been following me, you will know I’ve just returned from a trip to London UK and southern Spain. I belong to a mastermind group called The Cabal. We’ve been meeting weekly for a year now.

In that year, we’ve shared our highs and lows. We’ve peeled back the layers that everyone wears and bared our souls to each other. We are all the better for it.

Somewhere along the line, we decided to meet in person. Since we’re from all over the world, the logisitcs were daunting. AND we decided to put together our first group show. Because meeting in person wasn’t enough for The Cabal. Nope.

We spent two weeks together, having our show and just getting to know each other better. In person.

Late nights.

No judgement.

Silliness galore.

And oh! We discovered that I can play pool. Only took me half a game to get a handle on it.

We’ve all scattered like the wind, back to our respective homes and studios, but none of us is unchanged by this gathering. Not a one.

We’ve come together as something better than family. Closer than blood. And deeper than I’ve ever experienced.

I’ve got so many things to share but I’ll spread them out over a few emails. So many lessons learned, ideas teased out and plans moving forward.

But in the meantime, I wanted to just say, “hi”. And I missed you all.

I’m heading into mad prep for the Toronto Supernatural Convention which is coming up fast! Lots of paintings to do. Lots of details to pull together.

And Finding Inclusivity picks up again this weekend with scheduled interviews, so I’m getting back in the groove there too.

And while I do that, I’m going to dream of Spain and The Cabal.

* the title of this email comes from the Oh Wonder song Ultralife

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