December 6, 2016

So this happened

One year ago, give or take, what happened over the weekend would have been unthinkable.

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you will know I just spent a week painting four massive paintings for

IMAlive serves and helps people in crisis. Started by the Supernatural fandom, it extends far beyond that now. I’ve had the privilege of seeing them in action. They are compassionate, caring and entirely professional.

I’ve now had the privilege of working with them too.

They are passionate about helping others. They love their work. And they made my experience as an artist beyond positive.

I couldn’t go to the San Francisco convention. For one thing, I don’t have my passport. Ask a dyslexic person how hard it is to fill out forms. Oh wait, I can answer that: I’ve been struggling with the thing for about a month now. Forms are the bane of my existence.

And if I went to #SFcon #SPNsf, I’d want to be a vendor there. And I’d need a passport and visa to work in the US.

So I wasn’t there. But IMAlive made sure I was there in spirit.

I got updates and photos throughout the weekend. I got tweets and tags as well. They went above and beyond to make sure my name was attached to the work. I am so grateful for that.

What happened at the con on Sunday was unthinkable and just a little hard to write about so I’ll just include the photos.

I’m going to wrap this up by sharing what my friend wrote about this moment. He hit me right in the feels.

“Okay – so this MUST be recognised publicly.

Imagine you have a job, but you also have a hobby, like music, or horseback riding, or anything.

(Wait…you probably don’t have to imagine it because you already do).

And one day after months or years of deliberating, you take a leap of faith and leave your job to turn your hobby into a career. (Cue the catcalls and boos from the non-believers in your friend/family circle).

But you plug away. And let’s use music as an example. And maybe you are a HUGE Led Zeppelin fan. Or Adele. Pick your fav.

And you start writing songs. And seek out connections. And play shitty gigs where you are lucky to break even. And then one day, Robert Plant, or Adele, or whoever you picked gets exposed to your music. And asks you to write for them. To play with them. And importantly, lets the rest of the world know HOW GOOD YOU ARE. Pretty damn awesome, eh? Just imagine it!!

Well, Paula Mould doesn’t have to imagine it, because it happened to her. Paused a successful career in varied levels of multi-media and jumped to painting full-time. Specialized in fandoms – Star Trek, Marvel Universe, Tolkien, you name it, but a soft spot for a TV show called Supernatural. And now she’s painting for them, endorsed by them, the actors are signing and putting messages on her paintings. Check out the photo below. Holy shit, eh?! I’ve never seen the show, but I recognise the victory in this moment.

Well done, our Dorchester neighbour and friend.

(And do yourself a favour – check out and look at the other cool stuff she does. But forget about the Hulk – that one’s mine).”