I still get it, that momentary panic

Today was commission delivery day. The paintings I can’t share yet that are Xmas gifts.

One I delivered in person and as I drove over to her house, I felt the butterflies working their magic.

I felt great painting it. I ‘d put it in my top ten paintings for sure.

I was inspired by the subject matter, which was at its most basic: tender love.

But showing the person who ordered the piece? In those moments beforehand I questioned whether I painted well enough.

Was my work good enough?

Would she like it?

Should I just stop this and go get a job instead where no one cares about my art?


I recognize that those butterflies come from caring so damn much. That my art is very personal. It’s definitely a huge piece of me.

Even though I paint fast, I don’t paint carelessly. I put my everything in every piece.

Those butterflies are good things.

And oh! She liked it. She was excited. I got me a great big hug too, which let’s face it, I really liked.

This is why I paint.

This is why I love commissions.

I didn’t just paint a portrait, I painted one person’s complete love for another.

And god does that feel amazing.

Want a commission? You can still put it under the tree. Hit reply and get a quote, put down a deposit and then tell your loved one they are getting a special, one of a kind painting made just for them.

Hell, do it for yourself.

What a great way to kick off 2018.

* I paint portraits of all kinds from people to pop culture to pets. If it’s got eyes I am so there.

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