May 15, 2017

I swear I’m not dead, I’m just not entirely alive at the moment

It’s funny, not writing these emails. I both enjoyed the break and missed the quiet moments of sitting down and trying to adult my way through my thoughts.

It’s usually the way I wrap up the day. Wash my brushes. Tidy up. Write an eAdd Newmail. Go home.

Routines are awesome because they remove the need to make decisions in daily life. I wear the same outfit every day. T shirt, jeans, running shoes. No thought required. I usually do the same thing with food. Same, every day.

Because those little things don’t matter. I’d rather save my brain for the big stuff.

But you know, when routines get shattered it can be hard to put things back in order again. Like a broken dish, you can glue the pieces back in place but it’s hard work and not quite as good as it used to be.

It’s Friday for me right now. Day 12 of my birthday celebrations.


I have road tripped so much. Eaten so much. Been LOVED so much.

It’s been incredible.

I spent much of my adult life as a recluse. Working hard but without a circle of friends. I called myself a workaholic and wore the badge proudly.

It’s only been recently that I’ve poked my head up and gathered random people around me a created this amazing network of the best people around.

How recently? About two years. So when I say my twelve days of being celebrated are incredible, I’m truly grateful because I went from nada to full house. I feel welcomed, loved, valued and wanted.

I am not alone.

But it’s time now to get back into routine. Get back to things like moving my Finding Inclusivity project to the next step. Painting for IMAlive. Launching my other business. Finishing the second draft of my book. Teaching more. And finding ways to be with other people and still earn a living.

Monday is a great day to kick things off. Here’s to a productive and fantastic week for us all.


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