September 3, 2015

I Wish I Couldn’t Feel A Damn Thing -Day 2 Challenge Painting

This painting isn’t done. I hit a hell of a wall with it and decided to stop and set it aside for now. But it’s still worth talking about. I think it’s important to talk about failures and frustrations, maybe more so than talking about successes.

I see this a lot when watching my own spawn. They missed the decades of me struggling with my art and see me churning out mostly successful paintings. But that’s not how it always was. And certainly everything changed for me this past spring and kicked me into a new level. But having a painting go sideways is still painful.

sm_20150901_204120 sm_20150901_210013-1 sm_20150901_210019

Everything started out great. The under painting came together like it should have. Strong eyes. Good shadows. Characters looked like they should.

A double portrait is always a huge risk. Capturing likenesses is hard no matter who you are, and having to do it twice on the same canvas is crazy.  But since I specialize in crazy, this is something I attempt fairly often

sm_20150901_212521-1 sm_20150901_221053

At this point (above) I left the painting over night. I started it on Sept 1 with the plan of finishing it Sept 2.  I like to have a day or two between sessions. Fresh eyes. Paint dry. New perspective. It all matters.

The goal with returning to any painting is to take the under painting and use it as a base for flesh tones, shadows and more. Build on the foundation. And look at Sam! He just looks awesome. Like himself. But Dean gave me all kinds of grief.


Layer upon layer of colour. Usually works well. Building up depth and character but I was struggling. I switched my source material to black and white to get the shadows down but it didn’t help. This still feels like an under painting to me.

sm_20150902_194253-1 sm_20150902_202245

I finally gave up for the night. Fresh eyes. More source material. A new colour palette will probably save the day. Just not today.

“I Wish I Couldn’t Feel A Damn Thing”

20″x16″ acrylic on canvas. In progress.

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